Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Definition of "Bad Mind"

I have not added to the blog for a while and I apologise to the two or three people who actually care to read my thoughts and ramblings.
Anyway, I wanted to write about something called Bad Mind which is what I use in spin class when I come to class tired from work or when my legs start to burn and I feel like I cannot continue to turn the pedal and I want to come off the bike.
According to the Trini Dictionary the term bad mind is "A person who holds grudges and repays them. Evil, cold personality spiteful" and at first I was thinking that is not exactly what I understand by bad mind but then again maybe it is.
The more I think about it... yes it does...
When I leave work tired with no energy after dragging through a tough day and I make the decision to pull up in front of Spinners World and sit on a bike for 45 minutes, I am riding out of spite or is it in spite of what my body is trying to say to me.
The battle is within me. I am holding a grudge...
My grudge is that I am in control of my body and my body is not in control of me and if I set the goal that I will achieve a six pack then I will and I refuse to let a silly thing like the need to sleep or physical exhaustion get in my way.
I dig deep and just as I feel that I cannot make it and I have to stop, I look in the mirror and push harder. Next time you see me in a spin class, just observe my bad mind in action.
Bad Mind is why I sing out loud in the middle of intervals or speed work of high tension. Basically I am saying to the muscles in my body that they need to stop the nonsense and get back to work.
Bad Mind is why I like to spin in the front row. For the most effective Bad Mind I need to look in the mirror... to look myself in the eyes and say "stop that mad talk about coming off the bike and going home".
Bad Mind drives me forward to push my body to its limits.
Bad Mind makes me add more tension and Bad Mind makes me refuse to rest between sets.
With Bad Mind, I am able to continue my weight loss diet. I can look at a huge bowl of lettuce for the third night in a row and dip that fork and stuff my mouth and just chew and chew. With bad mind I can look at that cheesecake (mmmm... cheesecake) and tell myself "no way, that is too many calories...". i can say no to that slice of Meat Lovers pizza (mmmm... Meat Lovers pizza with a stuffed crust). I can dig into that bowl of granola cereal morning after morning and crunch my way through to the end because without Bad Mind, granola is just so boring... And after a weekend of indulgence (like Tobago Jazz Festival), Bad Mind gets me to do two back to back classes.
Bad Mind helps me to take a handful of weight loss and energy supplements and swallow them with one gulp every single day. I have to use Bad Mind or I will throw up those capsules because swallowing a set of tablets is real pressure.
Try to use Bad Mind in your next workout... it continues to work for me.

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Ketinas said...

Hey! Nice to hear from you... :)

'Bad Mind' works for me too... just didn't know how to call it!!

See ya next class!!