Friday, February 16, 2007

Trying to get a big belly... unbelievable

In my research into BDD, I found this amazing link to people who are trying hell hard to get a bigger belly

Check these posts from wannabe fat belly people on that website:
"I think that i don’t really know why I want to have a big belly: I think that I want this for having a very big and soft belly to touch and play and, I think, for having a sense of fullness and thoroughness"
"I can’t wait until my little belly turns into a big belly! Big bellies are so cute and nice. Plus, they look so hot in tight dresses! I bought a dress from Torrid the other day, and it is still really loose in the belly area, I hope I can grow into it soon! "

And check out this guy jiggling his fat... --> you have to sign up (free) and login but it is a treat as is the Belly giggle.

I was amazed at first but then in thinking about it I realised that not everybody is embarrassed to be toting a big belly.
Some people have reverse BDD... they look in the mirror and think they looking real good with their big self.
In fact, Carnival Monday and Tuesday will be testament to the fact that in Trinidad we have several people who don't give a damn that their stomach is hanging out and over.

In many ways I have to admire people who can wear the bikini mas and jump up all over the streets of POS with everything hanging out. I especially have to admire Denise Belfon with her big saucy self just doing her thing on stage... bicycle wine, tricycle wine.... all kinda wine. And she could go down lower than a lot of small, slim, supposedly fit people.

Anybody saw the "washing machine" performance on Synergy Soca Star? Spin cycle, spin cycle, spin cycle... If you didn't see it you miss out half yuh life. That is self-confidence.

The other reality is that there is a different flavor of kool aid for different people. Some like grape, some like cherry and some like lemonade. By that statement I am referring to the fact that some guys just love a "fat thing".
"Dem small girls too bony, nothing to hold on to..." For them there is nothing better than holding onto a big girl... more to love as they say. Sometimes it is funny to see a thin "magga" guy with an enormous woman and you could see the love in his eyes. There are several online websites that target those who love fat women and the forums discuss how much folds of hanging skin and dimples there are on their favorite model. Cellulite is a bonus.
Some women have also admitted to falling for a guy with a big "buddah" pot belly. I wonder if they like to rub it for good luck. And they find you fast and out of place to ask if they have to lift the belly to find "it".
Different strokes for different folks I suppose.

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

I have diagnosed myself as having a condition called BDD - Body Dysmorphic Disorder. BDD is a mental disorder, which involves a disturbed body image.

It is generally diagnosed of those who are extremely critical of their physique or self image, despite the fact there may be no noticeable disfigurement or defect.

An Italian doctor, Morselli, first coined the term dysmorphophobia in 1886 from "dysmorph" a Greek word meaning misshapen.

It was subsequently renamed Body Dysmorphic Disorder by the American psychiatric classification. Freud described a patient whom he called the "Wolf man" who had classical symptoms of BDD. The patient believed that his nose was so ugly that he avoided all public life and work.

In other words, even though other people might think that I have achieved a great looking body, I am just not seeing it.

I get up everyday and swallow supplement capsules for energy, appetite suppressant, fat burning, increased metabolism and diuretics to expel excess water.
I remember a guy in spin class in Starlite asking me questions about my diet and training because in his opinion, I looking like I have "close to zero body fat".

I just not seeing that when I look in the mirror... and I am always looking in the mirror. Its like I cannot pass a mirror without looking and steupsing in disgust at the slow progress I am making.

I do spin class almost everyday because I love it and because I feel that if I miss even one day, I will immediately start gaining weight again and I am just not going back there.

In research carried out by Dr Katharine Philips, involving over 500 patients, the percentage of patients concerned with the most common locations were as follows:
skin (73%)
hair (56%)
nose (37%)
weight (22%)
stomach (22%)
breasts/chest/nipples (21%)
eyes (20%)
thighs (20%)
teeth (20%)
legs (overall) (18%)
body build / bone structure (16%)
ugly face (general) (14%)
lips (12%)
buttocks (12%)
chin (11%)
eyebrows (11%)
source: The Broken Mirror, Katharine A Philips, Oxford University Press, 2005 ed, p56

Check these links for more BDD info:

Monday, February 12, 2007

Must read Spin and Gym-related articles

I have to share these entertaining Spin and Gym-related articles from my fellow bloggers with you all.

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Enjoy them as I did and make sure to keep on reading these blogs everyday. As a fellow Trini and spinning enthusiast you must identify with something these guys writing about... especially the Carnival 2K7 experiences. Spread the word. Tell a friend... and feel free to start a blog free and all ah we love free thing.

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dickie Hart - Spin Ambassador Plenipotentiary

I have been spinning for the last 3 years and I have been to most of the gyms that offer Spin or Rev Classes. I have done spin classes all over South, Central, East and West Trinidad.
Check this list:
South -
Fitness Zone, Gulf City
Central -
Xtreme Fitness, Chaguanas
East Trinidad -
Milleneum Fitness Centre, Centre of Excellence, Tunapuna
Fitness Center, Arima
West Trinidad -
Fitness Center, Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval
Bio-Fitness Club, West Mall
Fitness Center, Starlite Plaza, Diego Martin
Long Circular Club, Long Circular Mall, St James
Spinners World, Woodbrook

I must however give a big up to Richard "Dickie" Hart at Spinners World for being the best Spin Ambassador I have met so far. Dickie, his wife Rachel and the rest of the staff at Spinners World have really been promoting spinning as one of the best forms of cardio exercise for all fitness levels. For those who do not know our local sporting heroes, Dickie was a former national cyclist with the likes of Gene Samuel, Ian Atherly and Robert Farrell.

Once you meet Dickie you can tell that this man loves cycling. Every conversation is about form and technique.

Before he opened Spinners World, he was an instructor at many of the gyms I attended. In fact many of the Spin instructors at the leading gyms have been trained by Dickie Hart.

I was therefore pleased to help Dickie promote spin classes on Carnival on d Promenade with Rachel Price on Friday morning. Gene Samuel also came out to give his support for the great things happening at Spinners World.

They have hosted spin burnouts every weekend for the past few weeks with prizes donated by great sponsors like Gatorade and Digicel. In fact I was happy to see someone win a Motorola Pebl on Saturday. You come to get a nice sweat and you go back home with a real nice cell phone... life nice. And after a Saturday spin we have a tradition of the best cowheel, oxtail or split peas soup courtesy my pardner Ainsley right outside Spinners World.

If you have time, check him on a Saturday at 2:00pm for a free spin class. He will be happy to get you started.