Friday, February 16, 2007

Body Dysmorphic Disorder

I have diagnosed myself as having a condition called BDD - Body Dysmorphic Disorder. BDD is a mental disorder, which involves a disturbed body image.

It is generally diagnosed of those who are extremely critical of their physique or self image, despite the fact there may be no noticeable disfigurement or defect.

An Italian doctor, Morselli, first coined the term dysmorphophobia in 1886 from "dysmorph" a Greek word meaning misshapen.

It was subsequently renamed Body Dysmorphic Disorder by the American psychiatric classification. Freud described a patient whom he called the "Wolf man" who had classical symptoms of BDD. The patient believed that his nose was so ugly that he avoided all public life and work.

In other words, even though other people might think that I have achieved a great looking body, I am just not seeing it.

I get up everyday and swallow supplement capsules for energy, appetite suppressant, fat burning, increased metabolism and diuretics to expel excess water.
I remember a guy in spin class in Starlite asking me questions about my diet and training because in his opinion, I looking like I have "close to zero body fat".

I just not seeing that when I look in the mirror... and I am always looking in the mirror. Its like I cannot pass a mirror without looking and steupsing in disgust at the slow progress I am making.

I do spin class almost everyday because I love it and because I feel that if I miss even one day, I will immediately start gaining weight again and I am just not going back there.

In research carried out by Dr Katharine Philips, involving over 500 patients, the percentage of patients concerned with the most common locations were as follows:
skin (73%)
hair (56%)
nose (37%)
weight (22%)
stomach (22%)
breasts/chest/nipples (21%)
eyes (20%)
thighs (20%)
teeth (20%)
legs (overall) (18%)
body build / bone structure (16%)
ugly face (general) (14%)
lips (12%)
buttocks (12%)
chin (11%)
eyebrows (11%)
source: The Broken Mirror, Katharine A Philips, Oxford University Press, 2005 ed, p56

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Lord Vader said...

I am not only a sufferer of this disorder myself...I'm the club president! I can verify that all said in the blog is true except that I think he and I are suffering from a far more severe condition known as ABDD...ADVANCED Body Dysmorphic Disorder. Help needed!!!