Monday, February 12, 2007

Must read Spin and Gym-related articles

I have to share these entertaining Spin and Gym-related articles from my fellow bloggers with you all.

CarnivalJumbie Blog
The Spin (Gym) Lottery
The gym beast emerges
Gym-beasts,gym-hos, gymbolassies and all in between
Rise of the Gymbolassies: The Pursuit of Ridiculousness

SaucyTrini Blog

CarnivalDiet Blog
Comparing gyms around Trinidad

Bago Gyul Blog
Choose The Correct Aerobic Workout
The dissection of a bikini

Busted Flip Flop Blog

Girls That Eat Pizza Blog
Go to spin class

Virginist Blog
Spinning is my new best friend

Epiphany in Baltimore
Spinning Class

Enjoy them as I did and make sure to keep on reading these blogs everyday. As a fellow Trini and spinning enthusiast you must identify with something these guys writing about... especially the Carnival 2K7 experiences. Spread the word. Tell a friend... and feel free to start a blog free and all ah we love free thing.

Here is a partial list of Trini blogs you and everybody you know should be reading:

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Roger said...

Phaessuh, you went real easy on the spin cycle!