Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Dickie Hart - Spin Ambassador Plenipotentiary

I have been spinning for the last 3 years and I have been to most of the gyms that offer Spin or Rev Classes. I have done spin classes all over South, Central, East and West Trinidad.
Check this list:
South -
Fitness Zone, Gulf City
Central -
Xtreme Fitness, Chaguanas
East Trinidad -
Milleneum Fitness Centre, Centre of Excellence, Tunapuna
Fitness Center, Arima
West Trinidad -
Fitness Center, Ellerslie Plaza, Maraval
Bio-Fitness Club, West Mall
Fitness Center, Starlite Plaza, Diego Martin
Long Circular Club, Long Circular Mall, St James
Spinners World, Woodbrook

I must however give a big up to Richard "Dickie" Hart at Spinners World for being the best Spin Ambassador I have met so far. Dickie, his wife Rachel and the rest of the staff at Spinners World have really been promoting spinning as one of the best forms of cardio exercise for all fitness levels. For those who do not know our local sporting heroes, Dickie was a former national cyclist with the likes of Gene Samuel, Ian Atherly and Robert Farrell.

Once you meet Dickie you can tell that this man loves cycling. Every conversation is about form and technique.

Before he opened Spinners World, he was an instructor at many of the gyms I attended. In fact many of the Spin instructors at the leading gyms have been trained by Dickie Hart.

I was therefore pleased to help Dickie promote spin classes on Carnival on d Promenade with Rachel Price on Friday morning. Gene Samuel also came out to give his support for the great things happening at Spinners World.

They have hosted spin burnouts every weekend for the past few weeks with prizes donated by great sponsors like Gatorade and Digicel. In fact I was happy to see someone win a Motorola Pebl on Saturday. You come to get a nice sweat and you go back home with a real nice cell phone... life nice. And after a Saturday spin we have a tradition of the best cowheel, oxtail or split peas soup courtesy my pardner Ainsley right outside Spinners World.

If you have time, check him on a Saturday at 2:00pm for a free spin class. He will be happy to get you started.


KC said...

I am visiting Trinidad and would love to go to a spin class tomorrow, Saturday Feb 16th. Please post phone number for Spinner's World so I can call them and get some info.

Energiser Bunny said...

check out our schedule on our website www.spinnersworldtt.com. Look under Our Classes...On Sat 16th Feb we have a live Drummers spinn/rev class with Instructor Ainsley and at 1:00pm Dickie is teaching this Spinn Class /.

KC said...